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 High-power double- and triple-decker sieve systems are the result of uncompromising system development for sand and gravel processing. The CHIEFTAIN series, with up to 6-meter long sieve bins, is the foundation of mobile jig technology, which can be combined as needed with log washers, scoop wheels and cyclone technology. Find out about our one-of-a-kind assortment.

Powerscreen TURBO CHIEFTAIN 1700 2-Deck in gravel processing

  • Unparalleled flexibility:
    mobile systems as the key to the solution.
  • Project "Target Achievement":
    Three-part roll stations on the belt feeder, sieve bin manufactured in a cold riveting method, high-quality bearings and hydraulic components: The best is our goal.
  • Optimal sieve utilisation:
    According to the incline and output, the main belt is hydraulically adjusted precisely to the optimal material impact point.
    Based on security and experience. Today's largest producer of mobile sieve systems worldwide..

CHIEFTAIN 2100 2-Deck with CitySkid 9V4 as secondary crusher


What good is the sieve length if the sieve bin doesn't have any "umph?" The high-quality sieve bin construction in "huck bolt" cold-rivet method guarantees maximum acceleration and secure, tension-free load acceptance. If the conditions change, the logically-formed distribution plate displaces the distance from the belt or adjusts the incline for the new sieve task. Thus, the complete main belt moves, so that the material impact once again takes place directly at the beginning of the sieve. This ensures maximal sieve performance with minimal specific abrasion. The high-quality components and sophisticated, user-friendly design are in keeping with the sieve bin. Start-up siren, emergency shut-off, all-around lighting, rotating platform and easy below-deck sieve exchange from flat ground are among the natural equipment characteristics of all POWERSCREEN systems. Numerous models are available in double- and triple-decker designs.

WARRIOR 1800 in stone processing


Stockpiling- Those who begrudge stationary works for their waste stockpiling have only themselves to blame.  Compact construction, quick to load and easy to operate are a few of the qualities that make automatic stockpiling with the modern TC series worthwhile, even for construction with time constraints. The operating cost difference between previously used wheel loaders will quickly be saved.



"Knowledge of the possibility of mobile washing allows me to re-evaluate my site and market situation. The combination with my dry sieve system increases the benefits with sand removal and oversize grain screening."

washing plant with TURBO CHIEFTAIN 1400 Rinser and FINESMASTER 120

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